I tagged along with a friend of mine Sanjev to the first Australian Lisk meetup at the University of Sydney a few days ago. I had heard of the basics of Lisk and read the whitepaper but getting in front of people and asking a whole bunch of questions meant that I could 10x my knowledge in 2 hrs rather than 2 days of reading.

Daniel Vassilev is the Australian ambassador for Lisk and has spent some time in Berlin to discuss the future of the project and learn more about the team.

There was an open bar tab and of course the obligatory pizza offering which always brings the crowd.

In a nutshell, Lisk is a platform that has it’s own blockchain allowing anyone to create their own blockchain called a side chain and run their own applications. Blockchain designers and architectures can customise any facet of the blockchain such as the consensus algorithm, the confirmation time, create their own tokens, their own “ICO” and a whole bunch more. It is very flexible.


Lisk ICO’d last year in Feb for $5.7 million US and will release their SDK next month. They ICO’d at $0.07 and now its$5!

Below is the meetup link if anyone is interested.


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