The Sydney Ethereum meetup is bordering on a being a full on event. The meetups are scheduled but RSVPs are closed until 3 days before and when it opens at 6pm, the slots fill up fast. It was held at Optiver this time around which is a trading house with an amazing atrium!


The meetup was capped at 150 with 74 people on the waitlist. Everyone had to sign in and take an elevator to the 7th floor.

There were drinks and pizzas that were sponsored and a mix and mingle session prior to the start.


There were two talks at this meetup.  Jeremy Lam, product lead from OmiseGO gave a great non-technical explanation on plasma. He spoke slowly and clearly and gave great analogies. One example was an explanation of sharding which is a way of splitting up data so that different computers can process them in parallel. This is like taking a dictionary and splitting it into 26 dictionaries dedicated for each letter of the alphabet.

Nick Addison, co-organiser of the meetup and CTO of AgriDigital gave an overview of programmable money and has written a neat smart contract that distributes 1000 SydEth token to each member. Nick is also pushing the boundaries and experimenting with creating an Australian tether token. Very neat stuff!

On a final note, if you’ve ever wondered what $1200 worth of pizza looks likes…

One neat thing was at the end there is a community shoutout where anyone who wants to take the mic and announce anything can. Some startups took the mic, a hackathon was announced and also (and inevitably) an ICO.

Here is a link to the meetup for anyone interested.

It was a fantastic meetup, well run and lots of value with learning and networking opportunities.


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