As a Blockchain Student, I...


First heard of bitcoins in the media...

And totally dismissed it.

Jul 2013

Heard of Mt Gox's demise...

And dismissed it again.

Feb 2014

Read Satoshi's bitcoin whitepaper

The 9 pages took 2 hours to read but 2 months to digest and understand.

Sep 2014

Started to read all the bitcoin books I could

Mastering Bitcoins, Blockchains, Digital Gold, The Age of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Revolution and more...

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Flew to Sydney to withdraw cash from a bitcoin ATM machine

And learnt first hand about bitcoins, bitcoin wallets, exchanges and altcoins.

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Supported the blockchain network

By running a bitcoin node on a rapsberry pi with a 128Gb USB drive.

Dec 2015

Recompiled CPU miner from scratch

Spent 3 months analyzing the SHA256 algorithm. Rewrote and recompiled CPU Miner in C. Studied endian, hex and how to construct a block from the ground up.

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Travelled to US and Canada to study...

mining software and hardware and collected an Alchemy miner that was donated by a very kind member of the bitcoin community for teaching purposes down under.

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Brought the Wellington Blockchain Meetup back to life

Reinvigorated Blockchain Wellington meetup speaking, organizing speakers and growing the local community.

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Built an Ethereum miner from scratch

What better way to learn about blockchain concepts such as PoS, epoch, Mist and claymore than to experience it first hand.

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Uber'd Energy on the Blockchain

Designed from scratch a way to measure electricity, store it on the blockchain and sell the excess to your neighbour.

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Accounting on the Blockchain

Forked the original Bitcoin wallet and natively inserted custom fields and stored on the blockchain. Then read the data from the blockchain.

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President of the Blockchain Association of New Zealand

Elected as the president of BANZ based from the positive contribution to the crypto community and the sharing of knowledge.

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How I put my land title on the Blockchain

I ordered a physical landtitle from Land Information New Zealand and put it on the blockchain.

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2nd in Australian Blockchain Hackathon

Turned on a lightbulb with an arduino triggered by an Ethereum smart contract transaction.

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Created NZ's First Blockchain Training Course

Design and delivered NZ's first blockchain training course leading to certification in association with C4.

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Co-authored a book on Tokenomics

Based on the ongoing research at The ICO Train this non technical book introduces the reader to what ICOs are, how they came to raise so much money, and the future of the industry.

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