Wellington Blockchain Meetup August 2017

August 9, 2017

After an interesting couple of weeks where the invention of another bitcoin, BitcoinCash or BCH arrived on the scene, the Wellington community turned out to talk bitcoin and blockchains again. It was another good solid turn out where just under 50 people participated with around 70% of them first timers which was great to see.

Sean presented a project where he learnt how to write “stuff” to the blockchain and read data back out. This was put into a use case in the accounting concept where if transactions are done on the blockchain, which means the data is on the blockchain, then why don’t we do accounting on the blockchain?

Next, Paul from BlockchainLabs shared the work they are doing with Xero and bitcoin integration.

Then our main speaker was beamed in from Palmerston North. Bruce Thomson gave a great entertaining and humorous talk about his crypto adventures much of which you can read here.

His talk was met with laughter at some of the crazy things he did. Depositing money for “furniture”, getting stuck between a rock (Inland Revenue) and a hard place (his accountant), and sleeping on the floor on the night bus from Auckland back down to Wellington.

One important point that Bruce made was the fact that this technology has utility. It serves a purpose. Bitcoin, for the transfer of value between people without the need to go through a million intermediaries and Ethereum, as a super, global computer. It’s this fundamental realization of technology that Bruce is a fan of, not the lines on the graph going up or down.

The Q&A at the end was great giving the audience an opportunity to get more tips and tricks from Bruce. Thank you once again Bruce for taking the time to share your stories and for playing your part in the crypto community. Bruce also runs a very active Facebook group at Feel free to check it out!

If anyone has anything to share, please let the meetup organisers know. Look forward to seeing everyone at the next one!

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