In preparation for next weeks meeting where we’ll be beaming in Bruce Thomson as a guest speaker to the Wellington Blockchain meetup we pre-tested the technology and connectivity. What was suppose to be a short 10 minute test ended up as an amazing 60 minute conversation where Bruce talked about his background working as a contractor in his earlier years and being prudent enough to buy gold as part of his portfolio, his ah ha moment when he saw the shift from using slide rules to a 4 function calculator and his interest in Singularity.

Bruce talked about the 6 D’s of technology distruption. Digitization, deception, disruption, demonetization, dematerialization, and democratization and how cryptocurrencies follow the same pattern.

Bruce also shared some amazing stories trying to convert his gold to cash in order to buy crypto and how he actually bought the crypto.

Here is his article for some background reading:

Look forward to his talk next Tuesday. If you are in the area, feel free to drop by. Details at:


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