We were in the cozy corner at BizDojo, the S-Zone they call it and everyone got comfy, squeezing in to hear the latest updates and developments in the blockchain world.

NZ Blockchain Conference update

Mark Pascall, organizer of the NZ Blockchain conference on the 8-10 May, gave an update of how the event was tracking.  There’s still time to grab tickets and join the action with world class speakers heading our way. For more info check out http://www.theblockchain.nz

Work is underway to get some of the speakers down to Wellington so watch this space for more info.

Introduction to the Blockchain Association of New Zealand

Paul Salisbury, secretary of the Blockchain Association of New Zealand (BANZ) then talked about BANZ and their role in developing the community and what it offers to it’s members. To keep up to date be sure to sign up to the newsletters over at https://blockchain.org.nz and check out the membership offerings at https://blockchain.org.nz/membership/

Ubering Energy on the Blockchain

Sean then gave his presentation on Ubering Energy on the Blockchain where he shared his journey on how he built an electricity meter to get the data, stored the data on IPFS, allowed the users to visualise it with freeboard.io and how he sold it to his neighbor via smart contracts on the blockchain. Check out the video down below.


All in all it was a great evening with around 45 people, lots of new faces, engaging conversations and networking. Keep an eye out for the next meetup where hopefully some of the presenters from the conference may be down to join us. Wouldn’t that be fantastic!

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