Come and join us at the Wellington Blockchain meet up Monday 6 March at BizDojo in Wellington to talk all things bitcoins, blockchains and smart contracts.

In the past we’ve had some fairly technical presentations. To kick of 2017 we’ve decided to start with a broader view talking about the impact blockchain technology is having and decentralisation. We’ll also get insight in the huge blockchain conference that is happening in May and the Kiwi FinTech accelerator.

It is also a great chance to meet and learn what others are doing, learn more about smart contracts, how to download a bitcoin wallet and maybe get hold of some bitcoins too. (Or Ethereum if that floats your boat).


5:30 pm: Welcome

5:35 pm: “Update on NZ Blockchain Conference in May”.

5:45 pm: “How Blockchain Will Impact Your Life Sooner Than You Think”

5:55 pm: “The Decentralized Economy – What Does This Mean For Modern Business?”

6:05 pm: “Kiwi FinTech Accelerator”

6:15 pm: “Q&A/Networking Chatter”

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