Bokky’s continues to run his legendary Ethereum smart contract workshop that has grown to over 700 members and it was his 82nd workshop since he’s been counting which is staggering. It would probably be in excess of 100 if he had counted from the beginning!

This evening it was going back to basics talking about memory and registries of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), going through his mind map of Ethereum of Bunnies and also about FOMO3D.

We all learn better when we combine individual learning with group discussions so Bokky’s contribution to the ecosystem is so vital. He is world class and I even noticed the accompanying snacks and beverages to be amazing too.

Sharon Lu, the General Manager of Tyro Fintech Hub is the glue that brings everything together and does a wonderful job.

To find out more about the meetup visit.

Check out the mind map at:

There is also a forked copy of the Mastering Ethereum book (authored by Andreas Antonopoulos and Gavin Wood) in a nicer format also:

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