It was great to see bunch of dedicated people gather at 1st Assembly in Lower Hutt to learn Mist, an Ethereum browser and wallet.

The tasks were:

The main challenge was downloading the 8Gb Ropsten testnet blockchain. We had some USB’s to pass around with the testnet blockchain on it, but copying that amount of data took a bit of time.

For those interested in the workshop content, you can see what we went through at Register an account, go through the notes and exercises.

The process of doing the task created lots of questions such as:

  • What is the difference between Mist and Ethereum Wallet?
  • How do I change networks?
  • How do I know if it is mining test ether?
  • Where do I put the chaindata file?
  • and many more

In the end most managed to sync Mist, mine some test ether and send them between accounts which was great to see.

In the coming workshops we’ll be building a Hello World smart contract, learning about tokens and eventually building an EIP20 token. There is no pre-requisite knowledge required because we’ll all end up helping each other and learning along the way.

Visit to see where and when the next workshops are. We’ve got a Telegram group also at so feel free to join the conversation.


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