Wellington Blockchain Meetup June 2017

June 15, 2017

The June Wellington Blockchain meetup was held last night at BizDojo with a great turn out of about 55 people. What was interesting was that about 40 of them were first timers which was amazing to see.


Mark (organizer NZ blockchain conference) kicked things off with a summary of the event and noted that slides and videos are slowly being updated on website so keep checking there.

Klaus also shared some ICO and smart contract work that he has been doing. It was valuable to hear of actual hands on experience with ICOs.

Next, James, a Wellington Blockchain stalwart who’s been to almost every one since the beginning shared his blockchain reading list with the rest of the group which was very useful. Reading a proper book beats reading 100 blog posts hands down because a story is fully developed instead of getting piece wise information.

Paul contributed by announcing an idea of an informal meetup over a drink after work in between these formal monthly meetups which was a great idea. Instead of meeting only 12 times a year, it’s 24 now! Keep an eye out for the next announcement for this informal meetup.

Finally Sean moderated a short session on trading/how exchanges work discussion which was a precursor to the next meetup which has already been announced for the 11th of July focused on a Beginners guide to wallets, buying bitcoin/ether and trading tokens

Afterwards there was a networking session where everyone got a chance to connect with others and learn more about this exciting space.

This event was live streamed for the first time as a trial. The event started at the 9:00 minute mark.

12:57 – Mark on the Blockchain Conference.

17:20 – Klaus on ICO’s and smart contracts.

28:40 – James on reading material

36:25 – Sean moderating a discussion on bitcoin exchanges.

41:55 – Change of camera angle towards a nicer view of the audience!

All in all it was a great meetup with lots of new faces and great input from various members sharing their experiences in buying bitcoins from local and international exchanges, installing wallets and ways to securely store them.

Thank you to 3months and BizDojo for hosting. Thanks to the contributors. Looking forward to next months meetup and also the informal ones over a drink probably in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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