2016 has been the year of the great rekindle of the bitcoin and blockchain community in Wellington. The year started off on February 10th at the Brewery Bar lead by Dave Moskovitz. It then went quiet for a while and was kicked back into life with a meet up in September hosted by API Talent.

We’ve been building momentum ever since thanks to 3 Months and Bizdojo/Collider and ended last evening with a talk on Ethereum mining, a demo of an Ethereum app and an update from Mark from 3 months on some of the exciting events in the pipeline for 2017, so stay tuned.

Last night Felix gave a great Ethereum demo called EthBay where he sold a laptop and showed how it worked under the covers. IPFS is also an exciting technology that Felix covered also.


I shared my experience on how I built an Ethereum miner to learn about blockchains and made a whopping negative $0.20 per day in the process.

As mentioned, we’ve got some exciting things planned for 2017 so stay tuned!

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