$ subql-node -f .
2023-01-22T05:06:23.893Z INFO Current @subql/node version is 1.17.1
2023-01-22T05:06:24.321Z INFO indexer manager start
2023-01-22T05:06:27.209Z INFO Historical state is enabled
2023-01-22T05:06:27.211Z ERROR Having a problem when syncing schema Error: Btree_gist extension is required to enable historical data, contact DB admin for support

If you have come across this error then you’ll have to run the following command:


But where do you run this? This is a SQL command so you need to run it within postgres. First log in.

psql -U postgres

Note, you might have to create a user with the following command first.

/usr/local/opt/postgres\@14/bin/createuser -s postgres

Then when you run the SQL command, you should see this:

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