Crust is a project in Polkadot.

Proof of StorageCrust node supports the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology. Therefore, it checks the files locally on the node and periodically generates a workload report signed by the TEE. Crust’s local inspection method does not need to introduce the complex zero-knowledge proof, which reduces computational costs and lowers thresholds.Each node periodically provides proof to the network via a zero-knowledge proof based on the file it stores.
Proof of StorageCrust’s workload report is much smaller, which decreases the occupation of network resources.Periodic report generated by zero-knowledge proof is more resource intensive
Incentive mechanismsBased on the storage space or capability provided and the collateral obtained by the node (Staking). Crust’s incentive for storage nodes is independent of the storage market, which is conducive to the growth of storage resources during the cold start period.Based on the number of storage orders accepted by the node
Consensus of producing blocksBased on GPoS, a PoS consensus where storage resources are used as Guaranteed quota.Uses an EC (Expected Consensus) algorithm based on VRF (Verifiable Random Function) and VDF (Verifiable Delay Function)
Support for computingTrusted resource monitoring module, in addition to monitoring and quantifying storage resources, also can monitor and quantify computing resources. NA



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