I had the opportunity to ask Craig Wright a question last week about BitcoinCash. (He is obviously a BitcoinCash fan). He was also challenged to transfer some funds from block #1 but politely declined.

There is a continuous debate on whether he is Satoshi or not and we may never know. He speaks very knowledgeably on subject and is obviously very smart.

I can’t help to re-share the short video down below where Gavin shares why he thinks Craig is Satoshi and Vitalik gives a great reason why he isn’t based on signal theory.

What gets me though is that if Craig is Satoshi, he would know both methods of proving he is Satoshi as described by Vitalik. The first method would leave no doubt in everyone’s mind. The second option is actually the more clever. It leaves doubt, but keeps him in the lime light. It also gives Satoshi this split personality. A messiah type figure in one realm and a very normal person in the other realm.

I still not 100% sure and if I had to guess I would say that Craig is not Satoshi, but there is always more than meets the eye.

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