I had the opportunity to be part of the Sydney Spark Festival blockchain event that combined a showcase, a talk and a meetup all in 1 day from 2pm through to 8pm at a co-working space called the Fishburners.

The showcase consisted of startups Bitfwd, Blueshyft, Block8, Dappbase, Devery, Flux, Incent sharing what they are doing in the blockchain space.

At the same time upstairs were a range of talks on:

  • Peerism: The Skill Token Economy for Post-capitalism – Nathan Waters
  • ICOs and the Law – Hannah Glass
  • Todd’s Crypto Bag of Tricks – Todd Byrne

Pizza’s arrived at 6pm and let’s say there was enough to go around!

The evening meetup was actually an ICO announcement of Solara. A sensor that will measure the amount of electrons generated from the sun and allow the owner to monetise it in siloed communities initially. They want to raise $15M from 100M tokens initially for phase 1. The vision is huge and will take 5-10 years to come to fruition but could be a game changer.

The community is vibrant. There’s lots of innovation happening and there are seriously talented people around.

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