The Jaxx team currently are still trying to get native support for bitcoin cash. See the update here. What this means is that you can either continue to wait until this happens or follow Jaxx recommendation here.

To grab the keys, follow:

We can’t provide a step by step guide on how to import your keys into another wallet. You have the Backup Phrase: MENU > Tools > Backup Wallet > View Backup Phrase and you also have the keys to the BTC addresses: MENU > Tools > Display Private Keys > (I UNDERSTAND) > Display Bitcoin Keys

Any wallet you install and that allows you to pair a previously created wallet, you can use those to “port” your Jaxx Wallets to that one. Keep in mind that the Jaxx Backup Phrase (mnemonic) follows the BIP39 standard.

There really isn’t anything more we can provide on this process.


Then import this into a bitcoin cash wallet. Follow the instructions here but use electron cash instead so you don’t have to download the entire blockchain.

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