Blockchain Revolution: Don Tapscott & Alex Tapscott

November 4, 2016

A very futuristic book with some really futuristic concepts. Great research and collection of stories and insights from many in the industry.

Having been in this industry for just under 3 years I’m familiar with many of the concepts but when I talk about these concepts with those around me, I always get a blank stare.

With my background in electrical engineering, software, hardware, electrical wiring skills, previous experience in working at an energy metering company and an interest in renewable energy, and combining this with blockchain technologies and micro payments, I thought about selling excess solar energy to my neighbour via the blockchain. What a cool and unique idea I thought! Then I read this book and the concept was already outlined there. Oh well. On a positive note, it at least validates it as a distinct possibility.

The only thing to note about the book is that although all the ideas and concepts are amazing, it’s going to take time because this stuff is not easy. My selling excess energy to my neighbour idea is probably a 12 month project just for a small proof of concept. All going well, commercial reality is probably 5 years away.

All in all definitely a worthwhile book to read.

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