The way training should be … free

May 28, 2020

I got this email in my inbox recently about free training material from Corda, which is an “open source blockchain platform for business“.

I decided to take a look and the content at is very well designed and presented. It is definitely a lot more user friendly than the documentation!

It provides key concepts at the start and interestingly enough put blockchain fundamentals at the very end. I would have had it at the top as well but assume that because it wasn’t Corda specific, it is like an Appendix of sorts.

There is an introduction to your first code or “CorDapp” which is very important, and then introduction to libraries and SDK’s because there is usually no need to write things from scratch nowadays. It jumps into Corda specific details and then rounds off with a nice summary.

The content is very high quality and neatly packaged as well. The only thing I would add is a Hello World type application for the absolute newbie (which also serves as a system check), and a stronger “Where to next” section. The Corda blog is also very informative and consistent so hats off to them.

This is all self paced learning of course but if you want support, B9 Labs provides this service for a small fee. I think making a claim to be a Corda expert in 3 months or less is a bit of a stretch but it certainly is a good start.

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