I had the opportunity to visit the Blockchain Centre in Melbourne that I had heard so much about. It’s in the heart of Melbourne in South Bank, not far from the Crown casino. It offers co-working space in the day time and a meetup space in the evening time. The other times are spent expanding the Blockchain Centre franchise model.

There’s a “museum” of bitcoin miners but the neatest part for me was Satoshi’s whitepaper enlarged  and hung on the wall. That was cool! The space is very new and officially opens this week.


On this particular evening there was also a packed (photo below was pre-arrival) Crypto Traders meetup which was absolutely fascinating. The presenter introduced all these Japanese terms, eg Kijunsen, and how to trade purely from looking at charts and understanding. It was an amazing learning opportunity.

There are several meetups each week where generally Monday is for cryptotraders, Tuesday Ethereum, Wednesday Blockchains and Thursday privacy and security related.

One benefit is that all these meetups converge at this one place. It provides a great consistency with a menu of evening learning & education and connecting & sharing which is great to see.

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