I’m normally very careful and have no idea how I let this happen but it did. I accidentally send fractions of bitcoins to a bitcoin cash address.

The background was that I have been helping a few friends claim their bitcoin cash and exchanging it back to bitcoins for them. There’s a bit of a process but it’s not too bad. Then one day, I beamed the coins to an address that I had thought was the right one but it wasn’t.

I thought I had lost the 30 odd dollars until I did some searching and discovered that as long as you have the private keys you can still recover the coins. This is because the address formats are still the same but it’s just that the wallet won’t know how to display it. (But it’s still there).

What you need to do is to get the private keys of the bitcoin cash wallet and import them into a bitcoin wallet. The coins will appear and you can then continue on your merry way.

Whew. Another crisis averted!

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