BANZ AGM, Ubering Energy and what sharing does

April 28, 2017

I was invited to Auckland to share my “Ubering Energy on the Blockchain” talk at the GridAkl (“Auckland’s Innovation Precinct”) a few days ago and it neatly tied into the first Blockchain Association of New Zealand (BANZ) AGM.

It was wonderful to meet all these people from different backgrounds all contributing to this new technology. The vibe is certainly different to that of Wellington. It was fascinating to learn more about what NZTech does, the blockchain research projects from AUT and some exciting energy projects that others are doing as well.

The next few months is certainly going to be very interesting. BANZ is gaining momentum and there are plans in place to grow the awareness and to continue the concerted efforts to see where this technology can go in all sorts of industries. The Blockchain Conference at the start of May is going to be huge with some amazing speakers.

The big challenge I see is to continue this momentum. It’s been 8 years since bitcoin was invented. The 10 minute heartbeat that started this avalanche of innovation and paradigm shift has never stopped beating. Yet the resistance is still there and for all sorts of reasons.

I’ve been trying to build back up the Wellington community since June/July last year and was surprised and honored to be given a small token of appreciation by BANZ. I’ve always been a big believer of sharing what you know. Paying it forward. This recognition also goes to everyone who has contributed to the Wellington blockchain community.

In the coming meetups we’ve got members who will share their blockchain reading list, how a charity is looking to use blockchains and many more. We’ll also be looking at cross collaboration between Auckland and Wellington communities as well. Lots happening. Watch this space.

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