Decentralized storage wars. Storj v Sia v Filecoin v Maidsafe

October 3, 2017
If you have an interest in decentralized storage you would have heard of the likes of Storj, Siacoin, Maidsafe and Filecoin. There are numerous articles comparing various ones to each other which I’ll highlight below but won’t go over. This article focuses on the token supply, circulation and rate of issuance of Storj, Siacoin and Filecoin. First of all, to get a background on Sia, Storj, Maidsafe and IPFS/Filecoin read the links below: Nov 2015: Although a bit dated this link is a great read from Taek, a Sia core developer/founder, writing about Sia v Storj v Maidsafe. What’s also neat is Shawn Wilkinson (super3) the co-founder of Storj joins in and provides constructive counter arguments in favour of Storj. Mar 2016: Taek provides a view of Sia v IPFS here. Apr 5 2017: Bitcointalk discussion on Storj v Sia May 19 2017: Here is a background into Storj providing a useful 1 paragraph comparison to Sia and Maidsafe. May 31 219: A good discussion on Sia v Storj. Can they work together long term? Jul 4 2017: This brief article pitches Sia and Storj head to head. Jul 8 2017: Another article comparing Sia v Storj v Maidsafe Aug 4 […]
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