CeBIT Australia and Blockchain

October 30, 2019

CEBIT Australia is a showcase of the dynamic merger of business with technology, where it’s going and how it can help you in your daily job.

I went along to see the “blockchain”component of it which was relatively small but nevertheless good to see something blockchain related.

There were three sessions on day 2 of CeBIT. A Blockchain 101 workshop, which wasn’t really a workshop but a 50 min talk of the blockchain landscape, and two panels.

Tim actually did a very good job with his engaging talk. The audience kept growing and was easily the largest of the “mini” zones.

The panel discussion was less engaging but having said that, panel discussions are hard in nature. Here, it was basically ask a question and get 4 opinions or thoughts. The audio quality was super clear though!

Looking around at the event, it seemed quite empty to tell the truth.

Even the main stage looked empty.

Many of the topics looked interesting, especially around space and quantum computing and automation and AI. Maybe the other days were different but I didn’t end up returning as many of the booths and the technology on showcase lacked any wow factor.

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