First New Zealand Hashgraph Meetup

July 25, 2018

A few nights ago Wellington held its first Hedera Hashgraph meetup to learn more about this new technology. It was very well organised with food, drinks and international guests as well. Shout out to Morne for organising the venue, food, schedule and testing all the tech to ensure a smooth meetup!

Billy “Gossip Guy” from New York dialed in to give an overview of Hashgraph and some of the projects that are using Hashgraph.

Then Edgar Seah (Head of Asia Pacific for Hedera) ran through some of the technical aspects of Hashgraph and how it works under the covers in terms of consensus algorithms and then Calvin Cheng, a Hashgraph developer advocate talked about the SDK and the public ledger and how one can start testing and developing using Hashgraph.

For anyone interested in Hashgraph, here are some interesting links:


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