Crypto Estate Planning, Tokenizing the World and Social Impact with Choice

June 1, 2018

A great turn out to the Wellington Blockchain Meetup last night where we had three talks. Wendy and Lauchie from Wakefields Lawyers presented on Crypto Estate Planning. Some really good questions to think about even though most of the time we may not want to. The title of the presentation sparked interest. “Logging out of Life, Digital Estate Planning”. For more info contact

I presented next on the Tokenization of Everything and touched on my research at and how everything is going to be tokenized. I compressed all this knowledge into a book called Tokenomics with co-author and good friend Thomas Power. There were lots of other contributors to the book as well to make this happen. I then finished off by announcing the idea of the creation of a book worm loyalty token for book purchasers but the bigger play was a social impact cause to help take a portion of the profits to help fund primary school reading programs.

The main event was Ossie and Fraser from Choice talking about social impact on the blockchain. $461 million in transaction fees from giants such as Visa and Mastercard go overseas. Choice is a new payment system based on QR codes with much lower transaction fees and 50% of the fee goes to a charity of your “Choice”.

Choice secured New Zealand’s first $1 million in non equity funding from NEM and looking to grow their community, merchants and user base. For more info, get in touch with the guys at


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