Blockchain in Health Presentation

May 26, 2017

I had the opportunity to present at the Emerging Tech in Health Symposium 2017 on the 24th of May at the Wellington Westpac Trust Stadium to an audience of 180 health and medical professionals along with IT mangers of health firms.

It was organised by Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ) and New Zealand Health IT (NZHIT). Here is a list of all the Emerging Tech In Health Speakers.

The focus was on looking forward to see what healthcare would look like 10 years down the track. Some of the concepts were mind blowing. Health care is going to radically change with technologies such as virtual/augmented reality, monitoring patients with devices that measure and record your every movement and with Nadia, a virtual avatar. Basically everything thing you’ve seen in sci-fi movies, will practically come true.

I spoke briefly about what the blockchain is, some of the properties it has and attempted to help the audience understand blockchain related health articles a bit more.

Some other highlights included a future with these control centers in hospitals that make it look like the floor of the New York Stock Exchange or mission control in Houston.

3D printing medication!

And project Emma which was out of this world.

Thank you to Scott and the whole team for rounding everyone up like cattle after each break in order to keep everything on track and running smoothly, keeping the audience entertained during speaker rotation and of course MC’ing the entire day. What an effort! The AV team was awesome as well.


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