Good overview of some technical blockchain concepts

January 12, 2017

This is a good resource for some really technical information on bitcoin and blockchain fundamentals.

You know you’re getting heavy when you see the word endian!

The information was well laid out over several  sections and the concepts built upon each subsequent section. The audience expectations were laid out which was a nice touch.

I would have included the section number in the title so I knew how far in I was and how many more sections there were.

The term “outpoint” was introduced in section 9 and I first thought it was a typo for output but Davide confirmed it wasn’t. It would have be good if it was explained in a bit more detail.

The example code was one of the highlights. A lot of people talk about stuff, but it’s the implementation or the “how” part that is the hardest.

The last section on wallets was interesting as well. This would be a good area to possibly expand on.


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