Visiting Coinbase in San Francisco

August 16, 2016

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I had the privilege visiting the Coinbase Headquarters in San Francisco as I was interested in a position there. Coinbase is one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the world and certainly well funded.

I had an initial phone screening conversation with Brittany, the HR person there. Then I talked to another HR person, Alvin. I then had a phone interview with John. I was then invited to come onsite for 2 face to face technical interviews. Gotta say, the process was thorough!

Their office was nice with amazing views in downtown San Francisco.

The first technical interview was with Brad who was a nice and knowledgable guy. I was given a problem of trying to balance the spend of a group of people where one person paid for the rest of the group or sub group.

After an hour I then moved to another room and talked with Craig, a software engineer where I had a warm up question. It was to find the angle between the long hand and the short hand of an analogue clock at the time of 3:15.

Next, I had to code up a function to perform the Fibonacci sequence using

It was a very interesting experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I unfortunately failed miserably at all the tasks as my coding skills were too rusty. I still remember all too well pulling all nighters in my 20’s and reading through hundreds of lines of code with a looming deadline. I’m more of a dabber/POC person these days.

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